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Prostate Cancer - Natural Treatments As an Alternative Treatment

Naturopathic cancer treatment is a new addition to alternative medicine. Naturopathic practitioners, who use a healing philosophy based on nature, believe that "like cures like." They do not use pharmaceuticals or surgical techniques in their practice. On the other hand, conventional doctors who use modern surgical techniques, invasive methods and high-tech diagnostic tools to believe that cancer is a disease that can be cured with drugs, radiation and chemotherapy. If a cancer patient undergoes Naturopathic cancer therapy, he/she may feel a significant reduction in side effect caused by chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, especially in the case of brain tumors.

Some common chemotherapy side effects that are often prevented or at least reduced through natural cancer treatment are insomnia, headaches, constipation, cold flashes, mouth sores, muscle pain and swelling, mood changes, vomiting and anxiety. These conditions are usually the side effect of the treatment being administered. In some cases, however, the problem cannot be treated even with naturopathic medicine. In such cases, the patient must resort to more advanced treatments like surgery, hormonal manipulation and bone marrow or stem cell transplantation. These advanced procedures are often expensive. Alternative medicine, on the other hand, can be used in conjunction with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery for more effective results and at a lower cost.

The naturopathic cancer treatment plan includes several sessions of physical therapy and massage. During each session, the patient is evaluated according to his/her individual requirements and given specific instructions on diet, lifestyle and exercise. The first session usually involves detoxification or cleansing of the body, followed by a review of diet to determine the potential causes of cancer. A natural oncologist via video examination assesses the entire health and lifestyle of the patient and suggests remedial measures to improve or cure the disease.

It is very important for naturopathic cancer treatment to be followed precisely as recommended by the patient and his or her doctor. This helps eliminate the possibility of relapse. Regular follow-up sessions with the therapist also help treat the psychological or emotional roots of the illness. This helps the patient to overcome his fears and anxieties related to the treatment and leads to better quality of life.

While there is a lot of controversy over the effectiveness of naturopathic medicine, people all over the world are increasingly turning to this alternative type of treatment. There are many people who were previously skeptical about conventional cancer treatment who have now fully embraced naturopathic medicine because of its positive results. Some naturopathic doctors are even getting certified by the American College of Naturopathic Medicine (ACN) to open up new clinics.

Like other alternative treatments, complementary therapies are gaining increasing popularity in the US. These include yoga, biofeedback, acupuncture and acupressure. Acupuncture is gaining attention as a potential alternative to chemotherapy in the fight against prostate cancer. In addition to regular sessions with a therapist, some patients are starting to wear wraps or rings made from lemons that have been soaked in vinegar and then placed on the body for several minutes a day. A similar procedure, using Castor oil, is also being used by some naturopathic cancer treatments. Both these techniques have been shown to have positive effects, although there is no research to prove their efficiency in treating or preventing cancer. Read more details at

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